LAN mode enabled but WiFi connection reset itself if no internet is available

I have around 10 Yeelight light devices (bulbs, couple of ceiling lights, etc…). All of them has LAN mode enable in order to be able to control them by zigbee switches.

Everithing works well until internet connection is dropped. I am still able to control lights over LAN, but it is very unreliable. The reason is that it looks like a light is checking for internet availability and after 15 minutes of internet unavailability it restart itself - or at least it disconnects from WiFi and connects back.

It happened to me several times that the light was not reachable on the network and thus I could not turn it on/off.

Why is there such limitation and is there a workaround for this issue? It is really important for me not to be dependent on internet connectivity.

Thank you for your help.

Just one thing - LAN mode has nothing to do with being able to control light via Zigbee switches. Zigbee switches only require zigbee gateway and that is all. LAN mode is when you want to use 3rd party apps to control the lights.

Appologies, I should have specified that better. The light cannot be controller by zigbee wihout any gateway. So there is a gateway which “translates” zigbee message to LAN messages.