Connection time out arwen 550s

When i try to connect my arwen 550s to yeelight app i get a time out.
(Last month i have connect a 550s without problem)

With the time out the arwen 550s is still flashing.
Any idea?

I guess it’s the 32bit problem with mi account…

My account is not over 32 bit. I have the same problem but with a ceiling light, I managed to find a clue.

I did some testing with my network and my mobile phone’s “mobile hotspot” function sharing it’s internet via WIFI. The Yeelight device’s Wifi is 2.4Ghz (YLXD01YL) and I found that:
-My device connects succesfully to my mobile hotspot (2.4Ghz) on my phone
-My device connects to my router’s 2.4Ghz Wifi. My router is dualband and also has a 5Ghz band but the device can’t see it
-My device FAILS to connect when my router uses it’s “combined” 2.4/5Ghz mode (where the SSID is the same for both bands and it uses a “smart”/“auto” selection of channel)

This has only started to happen recently after a recent firmware update, I wonder if you are running the same?

Did you try Mi home?
Because on xiaomi home it detects correctly my ceiling lamp.
But i cannot pair mi home with google home so it’s not helping me. But it shows only that is a problem with yeelight.

And yes i have tried the hotspot tip but it does not help me.
But thanks.

Weird part is i bought exactly the same lamp 1 month ago and everything was perfect.

Nobody? Seriously… thank you yeelight…

See if this helps