Customer Service Not Responding

Is it normal that the customer service just ignore the messages?
It started with all of my color bulb 1s showing color issue and then the ios shortcut stoped working as well from yesterday.
I did some research about the color issue and found out there’s no real solution that user can fix it.
So I contacted the customer service, several times to know what can be done, and no response at all.
Come on, my whole smart bulbs went dumb, and every time I turn on the light using terrible Yeelight app, it just reminds me that I should have went with the Philips products.

I don’t think I can even sell these second hand as it doesn’t feel right to sell bunch of malfunctioning lights.

This month was serious hassle with all the tech devices, had to contact Blackmagic design, Apple, DJI, Lumix and Yeelight and guess which is the only one not responding.

Is there anyone who had similar situation?
Any advise how one can get in touch with the customer service?

Give them time, there’s a few issues lately due to what seems to be a failed update os sorts and as they are not a huge company they must be pretty busy and flooded by support tickets. The bulb is not the issue, it’s their server.

It’s not that they are responding anyways… They used to, like 3 years ago, but lately you almost get no response whenever. :-/

It would be way to easy for posting updates in here by support, when having trouble. So they could prevent all those postings “xyz not working with xyz right now”.
Just a little info like they are doing with there advertising all the time! Just post something like “scenes not working on server xyz - we are working on it”.