Turn on/off all no longer working

My tuen on/off all button thats found on the drop down menu, app icon long press and in app option has stopped working today, has anyone had the samw issue?

yeah my button icon cant working, but in app still work

Only wroking in app if you go undee devices which is a pain

I got the same problem. I’ve reconnected the lights, uninstall and install the app and nothing works. Hope this gets fixed soon

Same here, i got this issue since yesterday and it’s so annoying cause it was so easy to control the light. Now have to get in app, wait to opening screen (also that screen is so unnecessary) Isn’t there any solution yet?

Same here
Drop down menu controls no longer working.
Light groups insidebthe app no longer working.
Have to turny lights one by one which is annoying.

Now i found a way that i’ve never seen before. For android phones, press hold yeelight app icon shows up a preferences menu, choose top right widgets and you can control the light easily on it. Sometimes it’s laggy and widget is too big but looks like there is no solution another yet.

My top right ic0n is just a letter I that brings me to the app android settings.

Its working again

Having the same issue!
Wondering if there is anything to do with iOS 15.0.2 that I just updated yesterday?

Mine app is messed up too