YLDP25YL not pairing correctly with yeelight app

Hi. Trying it but nothing, I choose “white bulb M2”
Because is the only similar looks like. All ok, do the steps that app say to me. She finds it by bluethooth but never puts activated in the app, looks like not switched on. I try it 100 times. I use ios 14 and newest app yeelight. Can i try with another app?


Try using MI home APP connection.

Hi thanks.
The same, not working.
Automatic search doesn’t find anything.
Manually, in the bulbs and lamps menu, doen’t exisit this bulb. I try with other and the same, not in line…

Any solution ?
Not qrking with yeelight app, not working with Mi Home app. I bought two bulbs, no one working. Trying all kind of configurations.
This bulb doesnt work with IOS?