Cant sync yeeilight with mi home and google home

Hi. I have bought a few yeelight 1s light bulbs and also some components from xiaomi ecosistem that i plan to use in a ecosistem. As a voice assistant i use google. So i use google home. The problem is that i can use the lights in the mi home app. But i cannot use them with the google home app as they are not recognized. The umidificator and the vaccum work fine with both apps. I can add the light bulbs to the yeelight app but i cannot add them to the mi home app if so. So can you find me a way to either sync mi home app light bulbs with the google home or to add the light bulbs to both yeelight app and mi home app?

If you don’t see bulbs in the mihome and see them in the Yeelight app, this is often a sign that you are either using different servers in these apps, or that the bulbs are made for different region. Check you use same region in both apps. Once you add bulb to any of these apps, it should appear automatically in the other. As far as GH is concerned, you have to link your yeelight or mihome account(s) to Google (not both! because you will have bulbs twice)