IFTTT: Yeelight doesn't have any available options

Hello. I am trying to set up an IFTTT routine with a Yeelight action, but regardless of the action I get the message “Yeelight doesn’t have any available options” under the dropdown, and in the dropdown it says “No options available”, whether I want to select a lightbulb or a scene. The screenshots are below.

I do have a lightbulb and scenes to select. I have tried reconnecting IFTTT and Yeelight, as well as deleting and adding the respective integrations on my Mi and IFTTT accounts.

Please, help me solve this issue.

Hi everyone. Having same problem as @exodus. I only have IFTTT and Yeelight app on my iPhone. Region on Yeelight app is set to Singapore.

Anyone with a work-around for this issue.

Same here. Any insight on this?