Alexa cant find the Yeelight bulbs

Hello All,

I’m quite new on this topic of smart homes I just got an Alexa and a 4-pack of Yeelight RGB bulbs (W3 E26) I have the Yeelight app installed with all my devices in there on the USA server but when I try to get Alexa find the devices I’m not able to do this (Yeelight skill for Alexa is already synchronized), does anyone knows why is this?

MI ID: 6501758685
Amazon account: USA

Hopefully, I can get an answer from you to fix this issue

Side note: all firmware are already installed on the bulbs and are up to date

Hello, after a few days i try again and alexa was able to find this with no problem at all I wonder if maybe the servers or something like that was down when I tried to get this conencted