Unable to link/connect Yeelight to Google Home

Having issues connecting my Yeelight devices to my Google Home this morning. I tried un-linking and then linking it again but it just says “something went wrong…” Can anyone assist?

There is a few of us here posting the same issue today… join the club :slight_smile: Hopefully someone will fix it soon. The good news is that it’s probably a wide spread issue, not just your account.


Hey thanks man!

Tes, same here.
Since this Morning unable to connect yeelight.
I tried to unlink and link again but got error “couldn’t reach Yeelight” from Google Home.

Hope someone will fix it soon!

I’m having the same issue. Yeelights stopped responding to my Google Home routines. I tried re-linking my Google Home to Yeelight and it just says “Yeelight can’t be reached”.

Yeelight team is working on it. We are sorry about the inconvenience caused.

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Same issue here.

Service has been recovered. Please try and let us know.

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It’s working great now. Thank you!