Yeelight 1S color - custom color not saved

The custom color state was working fine until a week ago. I have both the Yeelight App and the MiHome App. Tried saving the “Default State” in the Yeelight App and I always get “current state saved as default” but the color runs to some color (purple) when I off and on the light. In the Mihome App, the issue is the same. After saving the “Default State”, the color runs to purple when the light is turned off and on.

I have another Yeelight 1S color in another room and it seems to be saving the custom color. Both bulbs are the same model - YLDPI3YL. My Region setting is “Singapore” in the MiHome App and “Asia and Oceania(SIngapore)” in the Yeelight App.

What am I doing wrong?