YLXD013-A and remote control

Hi. I bought two YLXD013-A. They came with the Ylyk01yl remotes. Connecting the lamps to Wi-Fi and pairing with the remotes went smoothly. However, after a while, the lamp stopped responding to the remote. The orange LED on the remote flashes but nothing happens. The problem is with two lamps. The application shows that each lamp has only one different remote connected to it. Resetting didn’t help, reconnecting the remotes didn’t help either. Turning the power off completely and turning on the lamp solves the problem, but after an hour or two the remote stops working again. At the same time, control via yeelight app and openhab works without problems. Only the remote is disabled. Firmware versions: 2.1.7_0011. At purchase I had an older version, but it has not been tested for a long time.