Yeelight downlight can see status but can't control

Hi Yeelight experts,

Need help. I have a whole house installed with Yeelight Bluetooth mesh downlight. I’m using Yeelight hub. Recently 2 of my mesh downlights refuse to respond to commands. I’ve tried everything I know but can’t get them to be controlled (turn off, change brightness or color temperature all don’t work). Thing is, I can see them on the app and their status. All my other downlights (same model) in the house working fine.

I’ve tried to take 2 new downlights to add to home (I keep these as spare). Same thing. They can be added. I can do everything. View their status, configure for automation, etc. all is ok. BUT they just don’t accept command to off, change brightness or color. Exact same problem as the 2 downlights I have installed in home.

Signal connection is good Because I have them just 3 meters away from the hub and nothing blocking. APP shows they have good signal strength. Really funny thing is I have > 10 of the same downlights in the house and same network and they are all working fine and can be controlled without problem.
I’ve tried deleting from home. resetting the lights by power on/off 5 times. Reconnect. Everything works except cannot control light on/off, brightness and color.

Anyone here can help me solve this puzzel.

Same here, since a router update 6 spot and downlights aren’t responding anymore. Did a mi home hub power cycle, reset the lights and add them again. That works fine but can’t controle them with color temp of power commands. Other 5 spotslight have no problem.