New Firmware Issues: Lightstrip is showing wrong colors after update.


The following is to report that, after updating firmware, lightstrip is not showing white, light blue (cyan) or any of the colors of the left side in the color gamut (it only keeps showing red and brightness varies).

Also, when I change color to pure green, the whole strip (including a new 1 meter extension) turns off.

It turns out to be an issue caused by the latest firmware. I’m connected to the recommended server North and South America (Oregon).

MI ID: 1917105951

Can you please share any troubleshooting to perform? Or as an alternative, is there a way rollback to the old firmware? Resetting lightstrip is not working.

It would be nice to read someone in the community who is dealing with the above, but also feedback from Yeelight Support would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.