Yeelight 1SE colour bulb bricked?

Hello. I’ve got a problem with two of my - previously working - Yeelight 1SE colour bulbs.

  1. WiFi network is visible but cannot be connected to.
  2. Yeelight app detects the bulb as 02:00:00:00:00:00 when trying to connect, where I believe its on-bulb-printed MAC address is supposed to be instead.
  3. They flicker in the following color sequence: W → W → W → W → R → G.
  4. Turning off and on 5 times does no difference.

Any ideas? I’m starting to worry since it happened to the second bulb already, so I can only expect the issue to impact the other bulbs in the future… Other than that they seem pretty decent.

I’m open to your support and I hope I won’t have to abandon Yeelight products altogether.