Issue on setting scene configuration

I want to set up a scene with brightness adjustment with 2 yeelight ceiling light, but found that the function of brightness adjustment is not work properly. Does anyone encountered this issues too?

Hi. Can you give me your mi-home id. By the way, has this lamp been upgraded to the latest firmware?

My id is 36523305.
The firmware is up-to-date.

Hello, I looked at your account number, there are equipment in Singapore Server and mainland server, what is this?

The equipment you use to edit the scene is actually on a server in Singapore. which two equipment do you group together?

currently, i’m using singapore server in the yeelight app and try to group both yeelight ceiling light named as “living room” and “dinning room” respectively all together.

Can we make a video and see what the problem is

Refer to the above screenshot which is indicated the configuration process of scene, the issue is brightness adjustment didn’t work properly and it only turn the light into darkest state while i click the preview button for the configured setting. Even though the scene is established with adjusting brightness to brightest(say 100), there is still no effect while applying the sense and only turn light into darkest state again.

You’ve got three lights here,。Bedroom,Does this one adjust properly

None of these light could be adjusted properly in the configuration of scene.

May be a bug fix for the app could solve this issue