Controlling a smart bulb with a switch

Hello, I have a hard time finding what’s the go-to approach of controlling the smart bulb (Yeelight LED Smart Bulb RGB v2 to be more specific) with a wall switch. Using a normal switch obviously cuts the power off, which is not the desired effect. When I did some research, ~2 years ago, I found out that you can use Aqara switches with some smart home app (like mi home) in a way, that they don’t cut the power off from the bulb. I did not delve too much into this because you also need a gateway to do that and I thought in the future there might be a better solution. I was also waiting for the Aqara M2 hub, because there were rumours that it will be available soon.

If you know how to use a smart switch with a Yeelight bulb so that it doesn’t cut the power off, you can stop reading here and write down a solution. Below are just my speculations.

If you don’t know that, but you know the answer for the questions below, you can also skip the speculations:

  • does Yeelight flex or MIJIA switches support Yeelight LED Smart Bulb RGB v2? Is there any official list of supported products?
  • can the Yeelight Smart Dual Control Module do what I want? Can you set up it (ex. in mi home app) that when you press the physical buttons it won’t cut the power off but send the signal to the bulb for it to turn off?

So here we are now, 2 years later. I found out that Yeelight released some products which might be what I was looking for back then. I also found out that Aqara slowly leaves the Xiaomi ecosystem and the long-awaited M2 hub doesn’t support mi home app so I would need to buy an M1S. But I don’t know if I want to invest in the Aqara ecosystem if it will leave Xiaomi. So once again, I did some research.

  1. Yeelight flex switches or MIJIA smart/not-smart switches

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an official site for these, only Aliexpress/Banggood.
Flex (YLKG12YL / YLKG13YL / YLKG14YL): Mijia Yeelight Slisaon Switch Wall Switch Open Dual Control Switch 2 Modes flex Switch Over Intelligent Lamp Light Switch|Building Automation| - AliExpress

Yeelight flex switches sound exactly what I was looking for, they can be used with smart and not smart lights, they have an additional button for cutting the power off if I need to restart the bulb. They don’t require a hub.

But my big concern is that:
Do they even work with my bulb? Because it isn’t specified in the list of the supported products (although it’s an Aliexpress site, not an official site, so maybe it’s not 100% correct). To be fair the list isn’t too long, but this forum post for example, states that they actually support more products (like ex. Yeelight 1s bulb): SlisaON and flex Switch

It also mentions this site:

Seems really handy and gives a lot of information (but my google translation isn’t perfect). But my bulb is still not present on the list that’s there.

From it I learned that the Yeelight flex and the MIJIA not-smart switches are pretty much the same. Yeelight just have the name of the company on the side of the switch.

MIJIA not-smart (MJKG01-1YL / MJKG01-2YL / MJKG01-3YL): Xiaomi Mijia Wall Switch Single/Double Open Dual Control Switch 2 Modes Switch Over Intelligent Lamp Lights Switch|Smart Remote Control| - AliExpress

And there are also the smart MIJIA switches, which support BLE: 2020 New Xiaomi Mijia Smart Wall Switch Live Line Version Wall Switch OTA Upgrade Smart Linkage Works With Mihome App|Smart Remote Control| - AliExpress

You can connect this switch to the MIJIA app (which I don’t know what actually is, another name for Mi Home, other app but only for the Chinese market? 2 years ago I knew, but I forgot) with BLE using your phone. I also don’t know if it works with a gateway and if so, which gateways (the switch is not present in my Mi Home app in the “Add devices” tab)?

  1. Yeelight Smart Dual Control Module

Official site: Yeelight
I have no idea how this works.

It uses WiFi and BLE. It can be added to the Yeelight and Mi Home apps. It uses WiFi so I guess it doesn’t need a gateway. I can’t find much information on what is possible inside the app. I know that you can turn the lights off / on but this sounds like it just cuts the power on/off, there is no mention about the workflow with smart lights. Can it work with them so it won’t just cut the power off? If this is not supported by default, what automatizations are available in the app?

  1. Aqara M1S / Xiaomi Gateway and an Aqara switch. I guess it will work.

After reading your speech, you seem to have a lot of confusion。
1.The principle of the toggle switch is very simple: He also called the rebound switch, is in the physical switch to add a spring, so that the switch can rebound, with the function of the lamp with the use of the movement. This allows the lamp to stay on line even when the lights are turned off, and can be controlled remotely via a mobile APP.
2.Don’t buy AQARA’s M1s, because it’s Zigbee, you should buy a gateway with both Wifi and Bluetooth if you have a bluetooth light. The Red box in the picture below is available for purchase.
Note: The yeelight gateway can only be used with the yeelight Bluetooth device, of course, Mi home can also be used as a Bluetooth gateway device, you can also buy, the same for the yeelight Bluetooth device. You can buy it at Xiaomi Mall.

I’m really thankful for your answer.
My main concern about the switch is that it won’t work with my bulb because it’s not listed in the supported products (but I can’t find the official list). I have a smart bulb rgb v2 (from like 2018-2019). In the forum thread (link) and the site that it mentions they say it will work with Yeelight 1S bulb so at the worst case scenario I would just need to buy another bulb.
Forum thread: SlisaON and flex Switch

Regarding the Aqara hub - I have a WiFi bulb so it wouldn’t matter. (But yes, I didn’t really check the capabilities of the M1S, and in the future if I would need something with Bluetooth I would need to buy another hub. I guess Xiaomi gateway 3 would be more futureproof)

Hi. Is this the 1s you were talking about?

If this is the case, it supports the flex function and can be used with the flex switch. Just flip the switch at M’s House.
If not, check out the MI home to see if there’s a flex switch, and if there is, turn the flex switch on and use it with the flex switch
Like this:

Yes, I know it works with 1S (the one from image). But I have a different bulb, I don’t have images but it’s the one from this video

I don’t have the “flex switch” option in my bulbs settings in mi home, so I think I have to buy the 1S bulb. That’s probably what I’m going to do.

Thank you for your help.

I’m sorry I can’t watch this video, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call.

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