Yeelight meteorite pingente not work

I bought this yeelight and went to install it, when I turned it on for the first time only the top lights turned on, I entered the app and wifi and control of the top lights works, except the bottom one, so I redid the installation by changing the positive and negative wires hitch, I called again, and still not working, only the top lights, completely disappointed, I would like a support from the brand to know what to do
Here is the video resetting

Try to reset the light and re-enter the network

I think not be a software problem, I updated for the last one to try fix this, but not work , and I search for the installations of this lamp in YouTube, and all when turn on for the first time the both up and down leds turn on, in mine not, only the up leds
Here is the video resetting

I can’t see your website. Which lamp did you buy?

Yeelight crystal meteorite pingente

Contact the after-sales service for replacement