Update the Yeelight App to show last known configuration of each device even when offline!

Attn: Yeelight Support

Please update the app so that I can view bulb settings even when they are offline!!!

So annoying that I can’t see the settings when they are offline! I sometimes need this information to troubleshoot the problem with them.

I have a dozen lights in my home and I have more than 6 Wi-Fi Access Points and 3 subnets. The bulbs are configured to connect to different access points (usually based on proximity).

When a bulb is offline, I would like to be able to use the app to see the last SSID it was connected to and the last IP Address (and all of its other settings) it had last been online with!. I do not want to maintain a spreadsheet or list on paper. The app should easily be able to provide this information. Just show me the last known configuration for each device - whether it is offline or online.

It’s a simple ask - but I shouldn’t really have to ask. This is an obvious capability/feature that should have been there from the beginning.