Yeelight 650 moon

My Yeelight ceiling light went offline in app and I’m not able to reconnect.
I use same 2.4ghz network as before and same credentials but it always fail to connect.

What can I do?
I reinstalled app and router.

Send the model of the lamp. When you connect the wi-fi to the lamp, the model of the lamp is displayed

You can try it on your phone
Let’s see if we can get the device online

I was trying to do this with wi-fi from Phone.
Of wi-fi is from my iPhone it won’t let me enter access point name because I can’t be connected to AP same as I create from same phone.
I tried to connect both iPhone and Lamp to same AP from different phone and it is just the same. It fails after reaching 100%

Is there any way to hard reset lamp other than switching it on and off 5 times ?

Lamp model when I try to add is “LED ceiling light moon pro”
I have second lamp that works perfectly fine and it’s name in device info is: yeelink.light.celing4

Try uninstalling and reloading the yeelight APP

There’s no other way