YLXD013-C brightness on different color temperatures

Did anybody measure the brightness of new YLXD013-C lamp on warm and cold light? I use now both YLXD02YL and YLXD50YL. My measurements are:
YLXD02YL : 4K/2,7K - 240/184 lux
YLXD50YL: 4K/2,7K - 238/110 lux
Measured by mobile phone, the lamps are mounted on ceiling, the distance to the sensor was about 2,5meters.
The difference between luminances for YLXD50YL is very noticable, thats why i would replace it by another lamp. The YLXD02YL is good candidate for this but there is no way to buy it now in my location. YLXD013-C looks quite interesting, but before bying i want to be sure that it hasn’t the same brighness issue as YLXD50YL