Can yeelight cause fire?

I set it up and left the house. After the electric rupture, I can not control the yeelight so it will stay open until the end of this month. It would catch fire?

Is the device online or offline?
If it’s online, it can’t be out of control. Do you mind passing out your Mija ID? Long-term electrification is a security risk.

6361129973, it is offline from my phone. I cant control it. What do you mean by a security risk? Can it catch a fire?

Device must be open. The router is working. It happened when I was at home as well. The light stayed open, I couldn’t control it. I had to reinstall it again.

Hello, the light is off line now, how do you determine whether it is on or off? Also, how often do offline issues come up? How far is the light bulb from the router?

It happened when I was at home. I turned off and on the electricity, the device went offline, It stayed like this during 5 days. I had to install it again. It happens with the electric rupture. The router is behind the sofa, The light is in front of it on the ceiling. They are at the same room.

Now the first problem is to determine whether the light is on or off. Do you know this

It must be on. But if there is anything you can solve, when I go back to come, I can show it to you after the electric rupture. I tried it at home. I can even take a video. If electric doesn’t go, only the router signal goes and comes back, the device works. There is a problem with electric rupture.

I never understood what electric rupture meant. CARE to explain?

Yes, I meant power cut/power interruption.

Our products will not be off-line after power failure, this problem needs you to go home to confirm. Something else must have taken the device offline.