Yeelight light strip + remote controll

Hey, ive recently bought some yeelight light strips to implement as led lights to my living room. Ive also bought yeelight remote controller, and yeelight wireless smart dimmer with hopes that i could controll my led strips with them.
After many tries I gave up, becouse i couldn`t pair them with led strips. It is even possible at this time, to controll led strips with smart dimmer/remote controller?

Power off the device for at least five minutes and then reconnect it as described above

Im also trying to add a remote to yeelight strip, but I have no option to add remote. Switching on the light and having the remote search for accessories, but it doesn’t connect. I’ve got 2 remotes and I added one easily to my ceiling lamp, I wanted to use the 2nd remote for yeelight strip.

Hello, which model of light strip did you purchase?

I have Xiaomi Yeelight Lightstrip Plus.


Hello, the strip is not supported by the remote control

Compatible with Yeelight Ceiling Lights only.

Thank you both for confirming that.
At least now I know I don’t have to waste more time on it :slight_smile: