Mi color light buld doesn't link to google home


I try multiple times o connect my Led buld (color) to google home (android app), but it’s doesn’t work. I have an error message who say : No devices were found in your yeelight account.
In my yeelight app, the bulb works great !

Here my information :
MI ID : 638749685
Server : Europe
APP version : 3.3.06
Pixel 4A

Screenshot :

Can you help me ?


Hi bro Are you sure your Mi ID is right? we cannot find any information in European server. Please confirm

Thanks for your reply.

Sorry, my MI ID was wrong, here the right : 6387494685

Me too!
My Color light bulb doesn’t link to google home in android OS phone.
I cannot find my color light bulb in yeelight app of iPAD.
I can find only my yellight strip (YLDD04YL) in google home and iPAD yellight App.
Can you help me?
MI ID : 1809889217
Server : singapore

I have always the problem. Have you got a solution ?

Hello. Neither of the lights you purchased supports Google home

I don’t think it says Google home on the package.

Your colored light bulbs also don’t work with Google home, so be sure to read the instructions before you make your purchase. Your ribbon is Google home enabled.

  1. Reboot Your Phone Bluetooth 2. UNINSTALL APP RE-DOWNLOAD APP try these two ways to find a 1s light bulb on the IPAD I can reproduce it at first, but after rebooting Bluetooth, uninstalling the APP and reinstalling it, I can search for 1s light bulbs.