Yeelight Color II Led Bulb doesn't connect to wifi automatically

The Yeelight Color Bulb II (YLDP06YL) does not automatically connect to wifi if, for example, I restart the wifi. I have to manually switch off the bulb from the power and then back on to reconnect.

Oh and one more thing, sometimes when I toggle the light with my Mi smart switch, only the Yeelight Color Bulb I are switched on/off, the Yeelight Color Bulb II does not. (it works with the second try with the Mi smart switch)

Hi Can you provide your account ID?


Have you ever tried to remove the light bulb and add it again.

No, but I’ll try right away.

ok you can try it

Still the same problem.

There is no problem with yeelight color bulb I, only with the II.

After a while, the bulb joins to the network, which I haven’t noticed so far. I’m sorry, I need some time, I’ll try to identify the error a little better.

ok Any question, you can contact me any time.