Yeelight ceiling lamp only turning on when pressed against

So I recently got this problem when I moved, where my light only lit up when I pressed on the enclosure as to get it closer to the pins. Tried to get it working again today but failed to do so even when doing it the exact same way as before. I’ve got a feeling the lamp is dead or something fishy is up. It was working perfectly fine before I moved and it didn’t suffer any damage during transit since I carried it to the new home myself.

Hi, It sounds like there’s a leakage in the electrical loop. Would the same thing happen if you put the light bulb in any other position?

Forgot to mention I’ve got the Yeelight YLXD01YL. I’ve tried every single way I could for several hours now, I did try with a completely different ceiling lamp on the same wires and it worked.

please whitelist my Mi ID 1599377845 and the model is yeelink.light.ceiling4

Are there any problems with this device?