Yeelight color 1s with smartthings, can only turn on and off light.

Hello i have two yeelight color 1s bulbs and im experiencing disconnections in the smartthings app , the yeelight app works fine and everything works while in the smartthings app i can only turn the bulb on and off, trying to change color and saturation says that the bulb is offline.
Any help is appreciated, if there is a beta firmware that fixes this issue i’ll gladly try it.

Hi Are the firmware of the lamps and lanterns the latest?

Yes all of my bulbs are 2.1.7_0037 and the issue still persists bulbs goes offline in smartthings when changing colors and they are fine and working in the yeelight app

I have the same problem with w3 colour bulb.

Same problem here with 1SE bulb, the weird thing for me is that I have another bulb of the same model which can change color in SmartThings. Makes me believe the bulb is either defective or Yeelight uses different hardware even in same model of product.

i managed to get past the issue by ditching the yeelight app and using the mi_connector project for smartthings, works flawlesly now and the whole thing is offline! it doesnt need the chineese servers to function.