Mi Led Ceiling Light Not Turning into cool white


Today i noticed that my mi led ceiling light is not turning into cool white anymore. Both warm white and moon are working fine but cool white isn’t. I tried to reset the device but still not working. Please advise on how to fix.

Hello, could you please provide your Mi ID


Ok, I’ll take a look at it for you

Thank you! Badly need to fix this since it’s only 7 months in use.

Hi I saw from backstage that you had two mi led lights. Do they all have this problem?

No. The ceiling light named “lounge” is having the problem. The one named “bed” is working fine

The firmware of the light fixture is up to date. You try to delete the light in the APP and then reset the light to add again

Tried to reset again for the third time but the light is still not displaying cool white :frowning: tried controlling both on physical switch and in app but is still not displaying cool white. Pls help

There is nothing wrong with the firmware of the lamps. We think it’s the internal circuit of the lamp. You are advised to replace the device after service.