Cant connect my Yeelight device to Alexa!!!

About a month ago, I bought a Yeelight ceiling light, which was working perfectly fine, created a Xiaomi account and linked them to that. Then yesterday, I decided that I should use voce to control it, and got an Alexa echo dot 4.

I followed all the instructions from installing the Yeelight skill for Alexa to signing-in with my Xiaomi account, and when I click on search for devices in the Alexa app, it doesn’t find my Yeelight device.

-When connecting, I made sure my device is on (in the Yeelight app).
-I made sure I’m using the same Xiaomi account on Alexa and my Yeelight app.
-removed and reconnected the Yeelight device I’m the app, and tried again.\

My Xiaomi ID is 6385054529 and im connected to the Asia server.