W3 isnt being discovered in alexa app

I have linked my account using my apple id. I am logged in on the yeelight app and in the alexa app yeelight skill. I have set up the bulb in the yeelight app and it works perfectly in the app but isnt being discovered in the alexa app. Help please!

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I’m having the same issue. It linked in just fine to Google Home and SmartThings, but Alexa just doesn’t find any devices after enabling the YeeLight skill and linking the account. I’ve confirmed that the server selected is the North/South America (Oregon) server. And judging from the recent reviews on the Alexa skills page it looks like something must had changed recently since some users reported no longer being able to do things they did before or not detecting their bulbs any more.

Wonder if YeeLight will get this fix at some point. For now I have it working through the SmartThings skill. Not really ideal since it’s going through a secondary server but meh whatever, it works and is responsive for me to not notice anything.