Yeelight bulbs and firmware 2.0.6 - constant disconnects! Please help!

Hey good people!
I have a problem with my two Yeelight color bulbs (grey base, 10watts) that have the 2.0.6 firmware. I use them with openHAB, and homeassistant, and the bulbs are constantly getting disconnected.
It has gotten so bad that I have to turn them off and on every day, they work for a while and then they are disconnected again.
I’ve tried resetting them, setting them up from the beginning, looking for new firmware but nothing.
Can anyone help me? The bulbs do work with the Yeelight app but that’s borderline useless for me as I use automation with openHAB / homeassistant.

Thank tou for your help!

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I think I have tried everything to get them stable, even added an extra AP in my mesh WiFi network but last week I decided that yeelight bulbs (YLDP23YL) are extremely low quality.

Last week I replaced them with a different brand bulbs, cheaper and no connection problems at all.

I see descriptions of this problem since 2019 so I’m inclined to agree with you.
I hope to get some support from Yeelight regardless, because the bulbs were working fine before the update. At least downgrade the firmware.

Now I have two bulbs experiencing the same issue, both have the 2.0.6 firmware. I really wish I could have someone from Yeelight tell me what’s up with this and perhaps throw a fix my way… @Yeelight help?

Buggy firmware below. Please help! I cannot use bulbs like this!

Similar thing has been happening to me, my lights started becoming unavailable, upgraded to 2.0.6_0065 in hopes of newer firmware to fix those issues but it’s the same.

Lights will only work for half an hour after that they will become unavailable in home assistant and offline in the yeelight app. Strangely they still respond to ICMP pings though.

At least we know we’re not alone.
I’m currently biting my tongue and looking at other solutions seeing how I’m not getting any replies :confused:

And now I’m up to three lamps with issues, and for some reason I’m unable to log into my mi account “Too many frequent attemps, try again later”.
I… guess im done?

I have similar issues also. The 1S bulbs were working fine till about a month ago. First the custom color does not get saved. Then when I tried the reset and configure process a few times, the bulbs stopped connecting to my wifi.

The bulbs are supposed to be one of the best bulbs for the price but looks like Yeelight is not as good as expected. Hope the problem get fixed soon. Otherwise, I have to look for another brand of smart bulbs for my home.