Adding Scenes Involving BLE Mesh Downlights

Hi, I am trying to set up scenes involving the BLE mesh downlights in Yeelight. When I attempt to set up scene, I can only find the pendant lamps and fan to control, the BLE items seems to be not allowed for this function. but on Mihome app, that can be done, the BLE items are available to set up scene.

The reason why I need to set up scene on Yeelight instead of Mihome is because Mihome scenes are not visible on google home.

Can’t find the device when adding scenes? No Way。

If you can see the device on Yeelightapp, you can add it to the scene.

I also cannot see my BLE Mesh light in the Scene in Yeelight App. Is there a way to rectify this?

I see what you’re saying. You’re saying you can’t add a mesh device to a custom scenario on YEELIGHTAPP, which hasn’t been developed yet. Wait for a later version.

Actually I uses SmartThings primarily and integrate Yeelight into SmartThings. However, I found that the BLE mesh system does not integrate well with SmartThings, I.e. BLE devices will appear offline in SmartThings. If I go into the mesh downlight in SmartThings and refresh that particular device, it will appear online again, but any toggling will cause it offline. The queer thing is - on/off automation in SmartThing works even though the BLE devices appear offline. However, that is limited to solely on/off, any adjustment in dimming will cause it to go to 1%, and it cannot be adjusted back to 100% in SmartThings. Must go via Yeelight App to readjust it back.

Other Yeelight products like the ceiling lights controlled via WIFI does not have this problem.

What I wanted to do was to create an automation, in SmartThings, where my BLE downlights in toilet dims to 50% from 2am to 7am, but readjust back to 100% after 7am. Because the dimming integration to SmartThings failed miserably, I can’t create that automation.

And that’s why I try to do a workaround in Yeelight App, which I do not use much. Well, however I found out that although the devices can’t be added to Scene, each BLE device can add a schedule to it.

So what I will be attempting to do is,
In SmartThings, turn on BLE downlights at 1% (cos it can only go to 1% in SmartThings) via Motion Sensor capture from 2 to 7am.
In Yeelight App, schedule auto turn on at 705am at 100% and off at 706am (so that control using switch outlet will work at 100% brightness any other time of the day).

Are you saying that the scene works at a certain time

What I am saying is,

(1) under Yeelight App > Scene: Cannot add BLE Mesh devices.

(2) under Yeelight App > Devices > click on any BLE mesh device > click on the right most button at the bottom > choose ‘Schedule’ > I am able to set up schedule for the BLE mesh device.

(3) What fails totally is the integration to SmartThings. Any toggling of the device via SmartThings will render the BLE mesh device to be Offline in SmartThings. Other yeelight wifi products do not have this problem (e.g. any ceiling lights connected via WiFi all works perfectly with Samsung SmartThings)

(4) So to create the automation that I want, I had to work both SmartThings and Yeelight App, which is not ideal. Ideally, I want all my automation under SmartThings, so I only have to deal with 1 App for automation.


And now I also realised even if I work around using schedule and set a certain state at certain time, Yeelight App will not save the state I want it to be.

After setting up and “saving”, it will return “default” state when returning to the schedule.

The BLE devices can’t even integrate with its own app well.