Yeelight 1S LED color bulb - connection timeout after router unplugged

(The router is plugged in now.) I’m in the US. Bulb went offline 2 days ago and won’t reconnect.

  • It shows up in my router connected devices when I turn it on
  • I can find the Yeelink network on my phone BUT it says it has no Internet access
  • I uninstalled then reinstalled the Yeelight app. When I try to set up the bulb, it takes some time for the app to “find” the light. Usually once I tap on the light in the app to connect, I get connection timeout and the bulb starts flashing. Sometimes the app will ask me to connect to the Yeelink network, but then it just sends me back to the first step/connection timeout happens.
  • I have tried resetting my router. I reset the bulb many times.

I am feeling frustrated. The app has been buggy for me in the past but I don’t know how to fix this.

Edit: Is there one post that gathers all of the troubleshooting steps in one place? It’s very difficult to fix this kind of thing without more advanced knowledge. I’ve had this bulb for a year or two and I’m stuck.