Hi there.

I’ve just bought a new “Yeelight LED Bedside Lamp D2”.
Installed the Yeelight, configured the lamp, and added it to HomeKit (since all my smart appliances are HomeKit based).

But, for some reason, the lamp keeps disconnecting from both HomeKit and YeeLight app.
If i turn off the lamp for more than 5min, when I try to power it again from HomeKit or from YeeLight app, it doesn’t find the lamp at all. I have OR press the front button of the lamp, and in some cases, have to disconnect and reconnect the USB cable which powers the lamp.

It’s very annoying, since I cannot rely on my automations, which is the main reason to have this one!!!

What I’ve already done over here:

  • Added the MAC address of the lamp into my Airport Time Capsule router and reserved a fixed-IP address for it. But when I fire a PING to this IP, it drops the request sometimes… and the time is VERY high (sometimes, reached 116.020 ms)

  • Changed the app/account server from “North America” to China…
    Once I’ve did it, the lamp requests to update the firmware, which I did.

  • I’m very close to my router, so is not a signal problem…

Can someone help me with this issue??

It looks like there is something wrong with the connection to the router. You can try restarting the router

Already did it. I’ve restarted both router and Internet router…
“Reseted” my house, started all over… and it’s still losing connection…

Then you have to contact the after-sales department to exchange the goods