MI Home and Yeelight integration problem with Google Assistant

I just bought a MI Bedside Lamp 2 so I added you my Yeelight app (where I have already a Yeelight Bulb RGB (1st gen), then I reconnect the Yeelight integration in the Google Home app but still the Lamp 2 doesn’t shows up. So I decided to use instead the MI Home integration and it worked to show both Lamp 2 and RGB Bulb, but I have the problem that when using MI Home integration the RGB Bulb doesn’t change color and I gotta a message that there was an error, instead when I use the Yeelight integration works great, but I can’t see the Lamp 2.

Unfortunately now I have to use both right now because I have a MI Bedside Lamp 2 and it only works in the MI Home integration, this causes that the RGB Bulb to be duplicated in the Google Home app.

Please any help on how to solve it.