Alexa and Yeelight not working anymore jun 17th 2021

Today it’s complete messed up. Alexa can’t find any devices set in the Alexa profiles. It can’t find any groups of devices which were set such as my beds room lamps and lounge lamps. It can’t dim the group. It can’t dim the lights. Only thing it can do is turn on oor off. Also only scenes are working. Other than anything that I try doing via Alexa app for the devices don’t work. I tried relinking the account and that did t work. Yeelight support is getting worse by worse these days. Literally tons of issues popping up. Everything is messed up. FYI it’s the Yeelight Led rib bulbs.

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has anyone been able to solve this issue???
Yeelight just isnt bothering looking it.


Same issue. Bulbs don’t change color with Alexa or Google Home.

Same issue here: cannot connect any of my Yeelight Ceiling 480 to Alexa although working in Yeelight App. Even cheap Colour Bulb is still working perfectly! Fix it!