Is there a switch that can control yeelight/xiaomi smart RGB wifi bulb but without sending it offline?

I still don’t have a solution for something that I thought should be pretty simple.

So I’m gonna use yeelight smart RGB wifi bulbs pretty much everywhere, and there are 2 goals.

Able to on/off the bulb from a switch without sending it offline, so i can still use more advanced stuff like RGB and dimming from voice commands or automations

This switch to be able to at least on/off it even when there is problem with the smart system or the internet is down. Basically to be a fall back which will allow me basic functionallity even when something with the smart setup is wrong.

TLDR; Switch that allows me to always on/off smart wifi bulb even when smart systems or internet is down but DOESN’T send it offline so I can use advanced stuff when smart systems/internet is ok.