Impossible to Reset Mi LED Smart Bulb

It’s a Mi LED Smart Bulb White and Color (MJDP02YL), production date is 2020/03. I used this bulb for a few days and it was working without a problem. However children open/close it from physical switch and after 2-3 days we couldn’t able to control it from the app anymore. When make the switch on, it remembers the last state of the light and opens which you can see from the image attached. It is not possible to factory reset the bulb (on/off 5 times for two seconds interval each), I tried this method maybe more than 50 times. I also searched the forum and found a factory.apk, however it also didn’t help me.

What I would like to ask is that is it possible to open the bulb and make something like a short circuit or remove any kind of little batteries on the circuit in order to make the bulb forget all data (including wifi login details)?

If there isn’t any possible solutions, should I return back the bulb to the importer company?

Thank you,