Can Yeelight products bought from China Taobao work in Singapore with Google Home integration?

Hi Yeelight,

I live in Singapore and have just bought a new place. I will be starting renovation and is intending to use Yeelight products for the bulk, if not all, of my lighting needs.

At the minimum, I am looking at purchasing

  • M2 Pro (8W version) BLE Mesh Downlight (智能筒灯 Pro)
  • Yeelight BLE mesh gateway (mesh 网关)
  • Yeelight SLIASON switches for the mesh downlights (凌动开关)
  • Yeelight curtain controller (智能窗帘电机)
  • LED Willow strip (智能LED灯带)
  • RGD LED strip (智能彩色LED灯带)
  • a few other ceiling lights / fan

Can all these products that intend to buy in China Taobao and shipped over to Singapore, work with Yeelight Apps connected to Singapore server and integrate with Google Home?

Link from Taobao that I saw all the products I am interested in

0.0微C1uoX58vTaW嘻 小米Yeelight智能led筒灯射孔灯吊顶天花灯过道玄关防炫光无主灯

Thanks in advance for your help!