Unable to turn off the light completely


I recently purchase Yeelight 皓石 LED吸顶灯 Plus 正方形
(Yeelight LED Ceiling Light Plus Square).

All great except that when I off the light at night, there is a constant glow(like not completely turn off.

I have yeelight switch install with flex capabilities. When I power it off using the traditional method, the glow goes away and it is completely off.

Any help and suggestion how I can completely power it off using flex switch?


Anyone have similar problem?

Bumping up for answer

I have the same problem with a Mi smart LED ceilling light. The light do not turn off completely since the last firmware update 2.1.7_0035

Please help

Hi, I manage to resolve it. I have live, neutral and earth all plugged into the lights.

I remove the earth and than the issue resolved.

Hope that helps!

Perfect ! thanks for the soluce it works for me too

Great! Glad that helps!