Ceiling fan - Google home controls fan instead of light

I purchased and installed the Yeelight Ceiling Fan,

Everything works great in the app, but I have Google Home to control all my devices.
In the same room I have the Light Bulb, The light Strip and The ceiling Fan (Light + Fan).

Anytime I ask to turn on the Ceiling fan device, It only activates the Fan and not the light.

So If i want to turn off all the lights, I have to manually turn off the ceiling light, which is the main light of my bedroom.

Is there a way to assign the command to the light instead of the fan? Because people use the light everyday and the fan just once in a while. It makes the experience of voice control unpleasant.

Thank you

Hi, can you provide your mi id?

Sure! It’s 1590682419

Thanks for the attention

Hey buddy, do you have any news?


Hi Filipe, Ceiling fan not supported yet, our PM will take care of this demand, thanks for your feedback!

Hi, is there any way resolve this? I am also facing this problem.

It’s working for me now. I think it started working after an update. There’s no way to turn on the fan with voice tho. I hope they update in order to have two separate devices