Razer Chroma Connector - Brightness

I was wondering if it was possible to set the brightness on my Yeelight 1S Lightstrips while using the Razer Chroma Studio option that syncs all my devices to each other.

The forced 100% Brightness setting is way too bright for me at the moment, and I cannot find a way to turn the brightness down, as it is overwritten per new colour change.

I am using Yeelight Chroma Connector 1.0.12. I tried the .11 version after I saw someone had the same issue, but on .11 the lights did not show up for me, they did show up in .12 again.

Any idea when there is a 1.0.13 version which allows the lightstrips to respect the brightness set in the Connector app, rather than overruling it to 100%?


wondering the same, bump

I have the same. Any ideas how to fix it?