Physical remote for strips

Is there any way to have a physical remote, like the smart dimmer, to control yeelight strips? I realise that dimmer is BLE not wifi, but it seems strange that there isn’t a wifi version that can be mapped to any yeelight product including wifi strips.

Maybe a 3rd party product?

You can use any number of switches, unfortunately there is no dimmer. Switches and dimmers are never Wi-Fi, since Wifi uses to much power. They are either Zigbee or BLE. You could use Aqara-Opple 6 button switch and map 2 buttons to cycle colors, 2 buttons to cycle brightness etc…

Thank you. If the aqara/opple switches are ZigBee, how can they control a yeelight light strip?

The same way motion sensors etc work… all switches are zigbee or BLE. Through Xiaomi gateway.