Range of Brightness

I have a couple of YLXDO1YL lights, which I’ve got working with both the remote and Alexa.

My problem is this, when in normal mode, the range of brightness is from full on to roughly about 60% - i.e. when I have dimmed it as far as it will go, it is still quite bright.

In Moon mode, it goes from very dim indeed to about 40% brightness.

The problem is that Alexa has no control over the Moon setting. So using Alexa control you cannot change the light over its full range. There is no way to have it full on, and then dim it down to something like 25% using Alexa, you have to use the remote to switch it to Moon first, then adjust the brightness.

Either Alexa needs to control the Moon setting, or it needs to be able to adjust the light from full on to dim regardless of the Moon setting