Enable the set_music and start_cf methods (or something that removes the quota) for the mood ceiling lights


I have seen multiple requests here about the fact that the music mode is disabled for the ceiling lights. I wanted to make the mood light from the meteorite pendant light change based on some events (the color of my ambilight and other lamps) and I discovered after reading the api that the method is not available on the ceiling lights.

Is there a reason for this feature to be disabled? Can some feature like this be added in the future? Even if enabling a music mode for a mood light is different than the normal rgb bulbs, I do not see any big limitation to justify this feature not available on ceiling lights, right?

Only enabling the set music and flow methods for the mood/upper/ambilight from the ceiling light at first would be enougth so that developers could work on its own automations…

I also have the same problem. Took me really a while figuring out that music mode is not available for ceiling lights. I own 5 yeelight ceiling lights and also some other xiaomi products.
I need the music mode for dimming the lights, otherwise I get trouble with the rate limit :frowning:

Also I don’t understand why music mode is not available for ceiling lights.

Yeah it does not make sense why a company would disable such feature that is already available for the normal rgb lights. Music mode could be available only for the mood (colored) light on the ceiling and it would already be ok…