Yeelight bulbs integration with Alexa broken! WORKAROUND


I have already noticed several discussions on this.

Two days ago my Yealight bulb lights (color) stopped working from Alexa app.
No issues from Yeelight app.
Tried to reset lamps, disconnet/connect yeelight skill from alexa etc… no solution.

Temporarily solved using Samsung Smart Things app, added yeelight bulbs on it and connected Alexa with Samsung Smart Things Skill.

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Wow i rely apreciate that. Thanks for the idea

Actually I’ve just tried again deleting bulbs from alexa app and searching again for “new devices”… seems solved now using yeelight official skill… try it!

After Alexa app update, it is working again.

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Can you please let’s know what is this version of the amazon alexa that you are mentioning ?
Thank you and best regards