Alexa can't connect with the lamps

My lamps are no longer connecting to the alexa. In the application of alexa says that the server is not working. How do I solve this? I’ve tried everything to fix it.


I have the same problem, someone know how foxfire this?

Currently alexa has lost the functionality control on dimming or changing lights color with yeelight LED BULB anymore. They only they can do is turn on off. I am on the singapore server. They F***ED it up big time. Worst they aren’t even bothered solving it. They have stopped support. this is what happens when you buy from yeelight. I have 30 bulbs and all garbage right now because of this nonsense.

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Agreed. Yeelight hasn’t made any attemps to fix this. Why?

It seems they have some more important projects on hand so they are using minimum resources to resolve issues. This is absolutely useless dont even know why we are wasting time. I have already forwarded the case to the Alexa team to see and resolve the issue and if not to remove support validity to yeelight so they cant claim connectivity with alexa.