HomeKit no response randomly


Since last week I have problems With Yeelight in HomeKit.

I have 2 plus strips and 2 white bulbs (CT).

I received an update on the app that shows me the lan control feature. I don’t know if the accessories automatically updated. Strips firm (2.0.6_0073) & bulb firm (2.0.6_0041)

Since then the accessories not responding on HomeKit. On yeelight app everything works.

I reset them all and added again, I reset my modem and my access point but nothing.

If I restart my access point the accessories are working for a few hours and then back to not responding. I have and other brand accessories but only yeelight have problems.

Can someone help?

Thank you!

Latest ubiquity AP lite firmware ( cause this problem. There is nothing about yeelight products. My problem solved by downgrading my AP.