Google Home can't work with the yeelight suddenly.

After linking the yeelight ID in the google home app, it doesn’t show the yeelight bulbs.
I tried this hundreds of times and the results were always same.
My ID for the yeelight is 6419725215.
I think that there is no solution for me without any staff’s help.
I already tried it in many different ways in order to work it out.

Same here with alexa the light show however the sits not responsive

Have a try this one

Oh, I found color8 bulb definitely does not support on GoogleHome platform, I am not sure the business strategy of color8.

Color8 is China Mainland version, it does not support GoogleHome actually, I am curious where did you buy it? this is ridiculous, our marketing leader will help you to deal with this case. @coasterli

@Rondebosch Please PM me any information that could help us identify the seller you have purchased from. We will figure it out and push him to make compensation to you.