xiaomi mi smart bulb essential + Razer ???

Hello, I just bought five (5) MJDPL01YL and I just realized that they are not supported in the razer chorma-yeelight plugin,

i activated the “lan control” via old yeelight app, but cant conectd them to the pc (razer chroma),

is there someone who has made it work?

is there any other software that can control the bulbs via pc (rgb software like aurora or cue)

in the near future this bulb will be usable on razer-chroma-yeelight-plugin??


i anwser to myself,

razer-chroma/yeelight-plugin do not support xiaomi lights,

i succesfully connect my MJDPL01YL (essensial white and color) to my pc (the name of the software is “jeelight” (JeeLight – Blueforcer)

ITS EXCELENT, better than razer, you only need to enable “Lan Control” via old version of “yeelight app” (Xiaomi MI Smart LED Bulb Essential Support (MJDPL01YL) - #18 by Imre - Feature Requests - Home Assistant Community)