Bulb keep illuminating at night

I bought a new bulb a few weeks ago. Mostly works fine, but started coming on in the middle of the night. I removed all the schedules and also did an unbind/bind and it still keeps happening.

Do I have a faulty bulb ? Thanks

What’s your firmware version?
Is it coming on at night at the same time every time?

Firmware 1.4.1_48

Not sure if it’s the same time. It wakes my wife, she yells at me and I use the app to turn if off and then go back to sleep :slight_smile:

Did you set up any IFTTT applet? Does the bulb turn on everyday?

No, I didn’t configure it in IFTTT, its in my google home app only… I had created a schedule to turn on/off each evening and that worked OK but I have since removed the schedule in case the problem was a schedule bug.

I also have the color bulb and striplight and they work just fine

i bet that you have power failure at nights and you have set the default state of the bulb on power return to ON.

so… at night you have a power failure of 1-2 seconds and this is why the bulb comes back on.

I don’t have automatic state recovery set on any of my bulbs and the other two (The color bulb & striplight) don’t come on their own.

did you try to reset it?

No, could try that next. But was wondering if there was any way to get any kind of diagnostics off it ?

I tried a reset and it came on again at night. Do I have a faulty bulb ?

Try to set on automatic state recovery

or internet resets to get new public IP

hence the lights was DC for a while and went back to its set-ed state

If my internet was resetting, my other two bulbs would have the same problem wouldn’t they ? I don’t have state recovery set on any of them

Can this be checked from the server end please ? I’m using Singapore server

Hi Ian having the same issue. Did you get anywhere with this

is it possible that there is a power outage?

thanks for replying.
there have been no power outages

My problem was a misbehaving IFTTT applet



A problem with your electricity circuit instead of your bulbs. Some light switches let through a residue of electricity, even when switched off.


The neutral wire in the circuit is not bonded to the earth or the earth wire is at too high a resistance so is therefore creating a small current which is “powering” your bulb.
There is a tiny pick-up of electricity from cables running alongside each other due to electromagnetic induction. This low level induction from the live wire causes the bulb to glow.